Darfur Relief Bracelets

  • Bracelet Diameter 2 1/2" : Width of Heart Charm
  • 5/8":
  • Material: Brass Heart, African Beads
The Darfur relief bracelets have been featured in many mainstream publications such as "Glamour", "Teen", "Us" and many others. They have been photographed on stars such as Because the Relief Bracelets are handcrafted from african sand, they've become fashionable and "one-of-a-kind" bracelets. They look great as multiples worn together.  Heartsmith has created for you a choice group of three strands held together with a small brass heart to symbolizing your intentions towards their plight. The heart is engravable. We want to help to achieve Relief International's goal of selling 250,000 Relief Beads to provide relief to thousands of women & children in Darfur. Every set of Relief Beads purchased directly from us provides a significant contribution, especially to the women and children in Darfur. Relief Beads serve as a symbol that you care and are committed to providing relief for people less fortunate than you. Relief Beads bracelets are handmade in Africa, so each and every bracelet is unique Here's how they directly help the women & children 1 Relief Bead bracelet provides one month of education 1 Relief Bead bracelet feeds a malnourished child for one week 2 Relief Bead bracelets afford a stove to provide life-saving heat 8 Relief Bead bracelets supply essential medicine for 100 refugees 100 Relief Beads bracelets save the lives of 20 children With the funds raised from this effort, Relief International has established a dedicated feeding center in one of the camps in Northern Darfur.
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