Finally, my brother is home!

Morgan Lally, the 13 year old sister of Army Specialist Brennan Lally, has been wearing a locket with her brother’s picture in it, since he left for Iraq last June.  “It makes me feel close to him”.

Now she can feel even closer to him, since her brother arrived home, to a hero’s welcome, parade and all on Friday, July 8.    Just before he pulled into town, family, friends and neighbors of Jackson, Michigan, gathered their flags and their signs and lined the street.   “Turning down the street and seeing everyone I know and love, is mind blowing” says Brennan.  “It is nice to be back on base, but nicer to be home”.

I am sure Brennan’s family feels the same way!


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Who is the real George Washington?

Find out for yourself by visiting the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.   The exhibit is the centerpiece for the city’s “Summer of Washington” series.  The focus of the exhibit is to show George Washington, the real man, through videos, live performances, models, relics, even the locket that contains actual strands of his hair!

The exhibit encompasses his life starting as a surveyor through his presidency, including his married life and home at Mount Vernon.

The exhibit runs through September 5.

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We have a Winner

Congratulations to Valerie Broadway for winning our Purrfect Companion Cat Contest.

The picture she submitted of her cat Nala brought in the most votes.

Valerie wins a $100 gift certificate to Locket Warehouse.

Congratulations, Valerie……..

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We have a Winner!

Congratulations to Jeanne of Brookfield, Wisconsin for winning our Mother’s Day Sweepstakes.  Jeanne chose the Yvonne White Gold and Diamond Oval Locket because she felt the locket spoke simple elegance, just like Mom does!

We could not agree more!

Congratulations Jeanne on winning a $100 Gift Certificate to Locket Warehouse.

Stay Tuned for future Sweepstakes from Locket Warehouse

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Vote Now!

The polls have opened.  Please vote for your favorite Purrfect Cat Companion!!  Invite your friends to vote.  The entry with the most votes wins on May 9th.

Join the Fun.  Vote Today.


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Enter our Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to Locketwarehouse. Winner chosen randomly. Simply tell us what locket Mom would like this Mother’s Day!  It is as simple as that!

Winner announced May 9, 2011

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Louisa May Alcott was right…

A house needs a Grandma in it.  When 16 year old Donna was heartbroken over a recent break-up with her boyfriend, Grandma shared some of her life experiences.  Donna was surprised to hear the story but equally surprised when Grandma left a gift on her pillow that night.  Read the whole story.

Lockets are treasured keepsakes that are meant to be shared as they are passed down from generation to generation.

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OMG! The noun “heart” is now a verb

Just look at the recently updated online version of the Oxford English Dictionary and LOL!  The word “heart” is now a verb.  We have been “hearting” ourselves for years now, both online and through texting, why not make it official?

Run and tell your BFF the news (by the way, this is another recent entry!)

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Check out our Press Release

Read about the latest at Locketwarehouse

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$100 Prize to a Cat Lover for their Best Photo & Story

Enter our Purrfect Companion Show and Tell Contest and take a chance on winning a $100 Gift Certificate to Locketwarehouse.  Submit a photo of your cat from now until April 22 along with a short statement on why your cat is your purrfect companion.

Once all entries are in, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite cat between April 23-May 6.  The photo with the most votes wins.  Winner announced on Monday, May 9th.

Enter Today

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