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Bridesmaid Gifts

A common tradition is for the bride to provide each bridesmaid with a gift as a thank you for taking part in her wedding celebration. You might get your bridesmaids the same gift and something more extravagant for your maid of honor, as she likely helped you with the planning of your wedding or provided you with much-needed emotional support. If you're searching for gifts for your wedding party, you'll find many elegant choices at Heartsmith.

One option for bridesmaid gifts is to give each of the women a locket with a photo of you and your bridesmaids. We have many styles of lockets from which you can choose, some of which feature elegant scrollwork or engraved designs. And unlike the sort of knickknacks many brides resort to giving, a beautiful locket is something your bridesmaids can wear and enjoy any time.

Add a Personal Message to Your Bridesmaid Gifts

In addition to our lockets and pendants, our bracelets also make wonderful bridesmaid gifts. Regardless of the type of jewelry that you choose to give your bridesmaids to thank them for participating in your wedding, you can add a unique message to each piece. You might consider having a favorite quotation engraved on all of the pieces or a personal note to each of your bridesmaids.

The last thing that you want to think about with your wedding around the corner is shipping problems that could delay the delivery of your bridesmaid gifts. With same-day shipping often available, as well as express options for all our items, we'll have your gifts delivered with free gift wrapping as soon as possible. If you need help finding the perfect presents for your bridesmaids, click here to contact us online or call us at (888) 501-8777 and we can provide you with assistance.


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