Some of our most vivid memories as a child is receiving a special piece of jewelry from a loved one, for a special occasion.  Many times the gift is a keepsake locket with its secret compartment which is very appealing to a young child.  It gives them the opportunity to store a memento or an image of something they hold dear.  Wearing the locket allows them to keep this treasure close to their heart.


There are a few differences between a child's locket and an adult locket.  A child's locket is smaller in size, to accommodate their smaller frame.  A child's locket is generally 3/8" to 1/2" in width, while an adult locket usually measures 3/4" to 1" in width.   Most lockets for children are made from less expensive metals since children run the risk of losing them.  They are generally made of 14kt Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.  Although, as an option, Locketwarehouse also carries childrens' lockets in 14kt gold.


In addition to lockets, we also have whimsical pendants like our Butterfly Pendant , our Be Loved Pendant and our charming Ladybug Pendant. For the child who loves her pet, we have our adorable paw print lockets in Sterling Silver and Gold Filled as well as our Engraved Tags like the Nellie and Mr. Fur.


Giving a child a piece of jewelry for a milestone in their young life is a special gift that speaks from your heart.  It is a treasure that they will hold onto for many years to come evoking wonderful memories of this time in their life.


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