Diamond Lockets

Diamond lockets from Locketwarehouse radiate true elegance.  Whether crafted with a single stone or multiple stones in a more elaborate design they are the quintessence of beauty and light.  We carry a large selection of diamond lockets that make wonderful gifts to family, friends, or yourself.

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We have a few high quality diamond lockets in sterling silver at a very reasonable cost. Luxury lockets, made in silver with the single 4pt. faceted diamond centered.They are heavy weight and rhodium plated to keep from tarnishing. More luxurious diamond lockets are also available in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.  Our designs are not restricted to heart shaped lockets with diamonds.

Choose from many styles of Diamond Lockets

We carry diamond lockets in a range of styles from very simple, to ornate.  You will be able to find a style to match your taste and needs.

  • Diamond lockets are available in a range of designs, from a single diamond in the center to an elegant border of diamonds around the locket.The most elegant are in 18k. Click here to see our line of 18K lockets with diamonds.
  • Diamonds combined with elegant scrollwork provide a timeless look.
  • Look at our website to see all the choices in diamond lockets.

Whichever of our diamond lockets catches your attention; you can make it an even more special gift by having it engraved. After engraving it, we'll provide a complementary gift box and have it shipped to you for your special occasion. To get more details about any of our jewelry items, you can contact us online or call us at (888) 501-8777.