A locket holding more than two photos is called a multi-photo locket or a family locket.  Generally they hold 4 photos.  Family lockets are not just great gifts for a mother or grandmother with a lot of offspring.  They are also wonderful keepsakes for someone who has many images that she wants to hold dear.  Recently one of our customers bought a family locket, our Sterling Silver Amelia Locket, for her niece as a graduation gift. She used the 4 openings to hold the 4 generations (her grandmother, her mother, herself and then one photo of her sister and her niece together).  It became a priceless keepsake and something that I know her niece will treasure.

Many people have the impression that, because a family locket holds 4 photos, it is large and cumbersome. Yes, there are some styles that are designed to be oversized and viewed as a substantial piece of jewelry.  However most are streamlined and compact.  Many can be worn at the nape of your neck as an everyday piece. The photos pile one on top of each other so they do not take up that much room.

When creating a generational keepsake, we suggest engraving the family monogram on either the front or the back of the locket.  Or you can engrave the full family name.  If the locket is to hold 4 childrens’ images for a mom or a grandmom, many of our customers engrave the names of the children on the locket.  There are many ways you can incorporate an engraving into the images you have chosen for a family locket. 

Let your imagination be your guide!