A gold heart shaped locket is a classic, timeless gift that has been an expression of love for centuries. Due to the softness of the metal in its purest state, gold is alloyed with other metals to make it strong and durable before it is shaped into a locket.  Gold will never tarnish or rust so it keeps its luster and value forever.

There is some variety, when choosing a heart shaped gold locket.   You can choose one made of 18karat gold which contains 75% gold or you can choose one made of 14karat gold which contains 58.3% gold.  You also have the option of choosing between yellow gold or white gold, depending on your color preference.

Going back to the 7th century, the heart shape has been a universal symbol representing love.  Therefore it makes sense to combine this iconic shape with the finest of metals (gold) to create a treasured keepsake locket.

The design of a heart shaped locket runs the gamut from classic to embellished and from small to large. We, at Locket Warehouse, have the smallest size 14karat gold heart shaped locket for a small child to a stunning Charles Green 18karat heart shaped gold locket.  And wherever your taste (and pocketbook) lies in between the two.

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