The heart shape is a classic symbol for love with its origin going back to the 7th century BC.  


The heart as a symbol did not become a universal icon until the Middle Ages, with the devotion to the Sacred Heart in Christian theology.  The image is depicted as suffering from wounds and casting out light.  It was basically a symbol for Jesus, and his love that was found in many works of art and included in prayer and literature. Prior to that, the symbol was used in pictograms during the Ice Age, but no one quite knows what its meaning was.

Egyptian mythology states that the heart is the center of life and morality.  They believed that after you die, your heart is judged.  If you don’t pass the test, your heart and your soul vanish.

Ancient Greeks believed the heart was the center of the soul and the source of heat within the body. They were the first ones to speak of the heart as a pumping organ.

 Native Americans believed that there was a spiritual force within the heart and that it must remain with the body at all times or the person will die.

Many cultures revered the heart and it's depths of spiritual meaning. Lockets in the shape of a heart are extensions of these beliefs - allowing us to connect to the strong symbolism and make it ours through ownership and customization.

When Valentine’s Day originated in England in the 17th century, the heart icon was the obvious choice for the holiday symbol.   At the same time, medical professionals were uncovering more and more information on the human heart.  Even though the shape of the pumping heart did not align with the heart icon, people continued to view it as the center of emotion, a symbol of love, especially romantic love. The heart icon continues to be important in many cultures today, an important word in the human language.  It represents the love and devotion we have for each other.

Heart Shaped Lockets are popular tokens of love and affection, especially when an image of a loved one is enclosed inside.  Whether you are searching for a traditional style or more of a modern feel, you will be pleased at our large collection of unique, elegant lockets.