Many people think of a locket as a pendant on a chain – a locket necklace.  At Locket Warehouse we offer lockets in all forms – a locket bracelet, a locket ring, and even a locket watch!

Locket bracelets are a wonderful alternative to the locket necklace.  They allow us to keep an image of a loved one close but they can be less obvious than a necklace worn around your neck.  They can be made of Sterling Silver with a classic locket hanging from it.  Or they can be more whimsical and fun like our Rosetta Cuff Bracelet made of brass with a novelty stone set in the middle of the locket.  We also have unique locket bracelets like our Rita Bracelet that is a continuous chain of lockets one after the other around your wrist.

Whatever your style and personality, Locket Warehouse has a locket bracelet for you.  For a complete list of our locket bracelets, take a look at our collection.