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Locket Facts

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The word "locket" is often used as a girl’s first name- sometimes spelled Lockett
The origin of the name Locket is French
The meaning of the word locket is a small case, usually metal, that is generally worn around the neck, and contains a special memento
Ancient cultures believed that by holding or viewing a symbol which represented a loved one, they were in close spiritual contact with that person
Through the years, lockets have been made in many metals, such as brass, copper, aluminum, iron, sterling silver, gold and platinum
As mechanical techniques improved around the turn of the 20th century, the locket was mass manufactured for costume jewelry.  Round and heart shaped lockets were probably the most popular at the time, with many of them being monogrammed with the owner’s initials.
Our two most requested locket engravings are “My Life, My Love, My Forever” and “Always and Forever”
Often used as tiny mausoleum to house hair, ashes or other memoral artificats
In Victorian days, a locket was often used to carry powder or poisions, good luck charms etc.

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