Locket Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, as well as designs. Many times when we think of a locket, we think of the classic heart shape or an oval piece with a slim profile.  But lockets have come a long way since our grandmother’s day. 

At Locket Warehouse we have both a large collection of the traditional lockets as well as the updated fashion pieces like our one-of-a-kind Nightingale locket that always surprises our customers when they find the secret compartment behind the design.  Or our Piper Heart Key Locket that is a pendant in the shape of a key.  However the top of the key (the heart shape) actually opens as a locket.  Who Knew?

The beauty of owning a locket is the fact that you can keep an image (or a memento) of a loved one close to your heart by wearing it around your neck.  Now, with our fashion designs, you can still do this without announcing to the world that the necklace is actually a locket.  The secret will be safe with us.

Take a look at our novelty pieces to find the right locket necklace that works with your style.